How to accelerate self-service BI & analytics with Kognitio

Today, businesses need fast, data-led answers to stay ahead of the curve.

Organizations now collect and store massive amounts of internal and external data; analyzing it efficiently and accurately is key to strategic growth. Yet running BI tools directly on big data brings major performance challenges; tools like Tableau, Qlik or MicroStrategy simply cannot handle all of the data at once.

With software like Kognitio, however, BI users gain the valuable insights from interactively analyzing larger or granular data sets directly on their big data in real time.

How does Kognitio deliver high-speed analytics to all self-service BI users?

With Kognitio, real time interactive querying is possible for all your concurrent self-service analytics users.

Take the waiting time out of insights
Don’t rely on data scientists or experts to repeatedly analytical models. With Kognitio, all your self-service users can quickly and easily query big data for on demand analytics using user-friendly client tools like Tableau or Qlik Sense.

Interactive querying
The Kognitio in-memory analytical platform enables you to interactively query massive amounts of data in real time. Unlock the latest and most accurate business insights directly from your data.

High speed analysis for all your users
Kognitio supports complex queries as part of a mixed workload for interactive querying on big data for thousands of users. So fast self-service BI directly on your centralized big data is a reality, not just for you but all your business users.

Make high-speed, high-volume self-service analytics the heart of your business. Get started with Kognitio now.

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