Ensuring data quality by using Kognitio

You can’t afford to make strategic decisions based on flawed data.

If your central data repository is too slow to support direct interactive analysis by business users, there is a danger they will use non-cleansed or out of date data to run their analyses. This can compromise the data quality for your business decisions.

With Kognitio you maintain a high-quality, centralized data repository, whilst your users rely on an easily-accessible ‘single source of the truth’.

Kognitio provides top query performance, even with hundreds of concurrent users and a mixed query workload. With Kognitio, you provide a positive user experience for data analysis that won’t compromise the quality of your data and your business decisions.

How does Kognitio improve data quality

With Kognitio, your big data platforms can support mixed workload querying from hundreds of concurrent users, without your system significantly slowing down.

No more frustrated users
When your business users can’t get answers fast enough, they look elsewhere. Avoid them using uncleansed data extracts.

Hundreds of concurrent queries on big data
With your systems supporting high-speed concurrent performance on big data, your users no longer looks for disparate options or extract small samples.

A centralized big data repository
With Kognitio, users get answers from their big data in seconds rather than hours, allowing you to maintain a central repository of high-quality data for analytics across the business.

Safeguard the quality of your data; boost the success of your business. Get started with Kognitio now.

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