How Kognitio powers fast, accurate data visualizations

As a data expert, you want to avoid distorting the data you present.

Data visualization tools help data experts present their results in a digestible, visual format. But when your data visualization platform can’t handle the volume of data, you might run smaller extracts, potentially with incomplete or distorted results.

By using Kognitio as a data layer on top of your big data platform, you can run your visualizations on large data sets held in-memory, revealing multiple levels of detail.

How does Kognitio accelerate data visualization?

Kognitio allows you to analyze huge data sets and present the results coherently in your preferred data visualization tool

Interactive querying
The Kognitio in-memory analytical platform enables you to interactively query, run and visualize massive amounts of data in real time, unlocking business insights from your big data.

Visualize the complete picture
If your data source can’t deliver on every level, from broad overviews to granular details, your graphing options dwindle. With Kognitio’s speed and mature SQL, all your visualizations are available when you need them.

Avoid outdated results
With Kognitio, you can run complex analytics straight from your visualization tool in real time, ensuring your visuals rely on the newest data.

High-speed, high-volume data visualization is at the heart of our business. By using Kognitio, it will be at the heart of yours too. Get started now.

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