High performance data warehouse for big data

Does your data warehouse deliver interactive answers to multiple questions from concurrent business users?

Data warehousing – it does what it says on the tin. It stores all your company data in one place. But nowadays, progressive businesses need much more than storage. They need a data warehouse that adds value, provides a healthy return on investment, offers actionable business insights and informs strategic business decisions.

Kognitio allows direct access to your data for all your business users without any restrictions imposed to mitigate against poor performance. In practical terms this means that multiple business users across your organization can ask interactive, ad-hoc questions – enabling them to drill down into the data and tweak and refine their queries – all at the same time. They can ask as many questions as the business need requires and receive responses in near real time.

This kind of trail of thought analysis of multiple questions different users requires high performance processing because the longer the analysis takes, the slower the business decisions happen.

Kognitio gives you the confidence in your data to make better leadership decisions faster

High performance processing
Kognitio Analytical Platform gives you a real single version of the truth. It provides high performance ad-hoc processing on un-indexed data allowing unconstrained access. It can even do this on data from many different source systems. Kognitio’s technology can even work with your existing data warehouse, complementing rather than replacing it, to augment its performance and reliability.

Multi-query concurrent analysis
Kognitio can run different applications across your business for large numbers of users whilst maintaining interactive response times. It accelerates complex analytical queries on large volumes of data so that you can get business insights in near real time.

Kognitio has a number of connector options for different data sources, enabling you to pool data from different sources whilst ensuring that the same high standards of cleansing are applied. It also supports standard ANSI SQL meaning that users can use business intelligence tools they are familiar with to extract and present valuable insights.

Kognitio enables you to base important business decisions on accurate evidence that can be accessed quickly and efficiently from your data warehouse. After all, if you cannot trust your data, then what can you trust?

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